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foto de Carlos Luis Castillo AlfaroCarlos Luis Castillo Alfaro was born in Guanacaste the 7 of November of 1980. He studied in public educative centers, where  he initiates at the same time his musical studies  with private professors like  the Costa Rican guitarists Mauricio Cervantes and Mauricio Araya, and the Cuban musician Manolo Martinez; in addition he has participated in workshops, given by great musicians, like Juan Sorroche, Felix Casaverde and Jon Damián. He has had the opportunity to participate in important presentations and festivales, like Guitarist, Percusionist and Bass player, with the Orchestra of Guitars SEM, Estudiantina of the University of Costa Rica and Nacaome. He is founding member of the  group Is be´ Shkèna, with which he has taken part in 3 tours to Mexico (1997-1998-2001), Spain and Portugal (2001). At the present time he attends the Baccalaureate and Degree in Geography, of the University of Costa Rica, besides he is  working in  future projects for  the music group, as they are the  accomplishment of a new recording and international  tours.