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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a little country located in Central America. It is boarded by Panama and Nicaragua as well as the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. It has a territory of 51.000 square Kilometres with a population of four millions of inhabitants who are characterised by a vast ethnic and cultural diversity. In spite of being a little country, its historical an geographical conditions as well as its democratic and cultural background has provided this country with a special particularity which has make it a respectful and acknowledged country around the world.

The Costa Rican territory has the shape of a trapeze. Its main characteristic is that it has a range of high and big mountains throughout the whole territory. This geographical trait gives origin to the weather diversity of this country. This weather diversity is responsible of the great variety of woods, which have a vast diversity in flora and fauna.

Costa Rican current geographical position is due to many geological processes that provided our country with a strategic position. This privileged situation has made that Costa Rica and the other Central American countries function as an ecological bridge of the animal species that come from South America and North America. This phenomenon is the cause of the complex biological diversity of this country, which represents almost 5% of the world biodiversity in a territory that occupies just the 0.03% of the total terrestrial area of the world. This enchanting natural beauty is encouraged by a complex system of protected areas whose main purpose is the conservation and the free access and enjoyment of domestic and international tourism. These places are not only used for enjoyment but also they are used for scientific research. These National Reserves offer the tourists a great variety of islands, woods, green areas, choral reefs and beaches that have a great tourist attraction.

This natural beauty and the hospitality and kindness of our people as well as this country’s peaceful atmosphere, art, and culture make that visitors get unforgettable memories. Therefore, we invite you to visit Costa Rica.

Remember that our art, dance and music will offer you a little something of our land.