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imagen de Chechey GonzalesChechey González Arce is professor of Musical Education graduated like Bachelor in Music with Concentration in Músical Education in the Independent National University as Costa Rica. He works like educator from 1990 in different primary and secondary schools in which he has received recognitions, dedicatins and tributes. Between those educative institutions there are the Grammar school San Isidro de Heredia, Grammar school Santo Domingo de Heredia, Grammar school of Bethlehem, Central School of Santo Domingo de Heredia, and Grammar school of Pavas where he is teaching at the moment. He is withdrawn in Sciences of the Education with Emphasis in Educative Administration in the remote State University of Costa Rica (UNED). He has participated in innumerable qualifications with great international teachers of the guitar like Miguel Angel Girollet, Alirio Diaz and Francisco Ortiz. He counts with wide experience and participation like director and musician in Groups and Folkloric Associations, Festivales, Músicales Events, Cultural, Folkloric and of Popular Culture and in the organization of tours for numerous international cultural groups in addition he was organizing Festivales and Student Events. He has participated like important marimbista, trupist, singer, percusionist and director in groups of Costa Rican and Latin American folclor like Adobes and Nacaome; in addition participated in choirs like the Choir of Camera of Santo Domingo de Heredia and Fundación Surá Choir. He has participated in international tours like musician, lecturer and director of folkloric cultural delegations in Belgium, Canada, Venezuela, Nicaragua, England, Spain, Portugal and in five opportunities he traveled to Mexico, also in quality of artist. By its activities in favor of the rescue and the spreading of the Costa Rican folclor he received in Santo Domingo de Heredia, its native earth, a tribute on the part of the Municipality of that region. At the moment - as founder and chief and musical director of the group " Is bé Shkèna " - he works in the processing of a new record production and in the possible participation of the group in international tours.